Joy of Music Program

Brand and Purpose in Pitch-Perfect Harmony

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Spreading Music in the Modern Era 

The Program’s previous website belonged to a different era. Information appeared on static pages, with sections joined by cumbersome hyperlinks. The pages themselves were flat and dated. And while this called for an aesthetic update, there was a deeper need for a functional overhaul. 

Modernizing the site’s organization and layout was central to giving it a “live” feel. We implemented a vertical scroll to optimize the site experience for mobile users and grant the owners more control over the flow of information. Bespoke drop-down menus in the header, combined with an expanded sitemap in the footer of each page aid site navigation. This redesign effectively guides new visitors through the Program’s offerings, while empowering returning users to engage directly with specific sections. Current and prospective students can now enroll and apply for financial aid, resulting in greater automation and bandwidth for the Program’s staff.  

Visualizing a Better Brand

Visual presentation is now clean and cohesive. The visual theme is open and airy, which makes the website more welcoming to visitors. At the same time, content is tidier and less cluttered than before. We designed a new logo which helped establish JOMP’s brand in addition to solidifying the visual theme. Our choice for the logo–a sunflower–embodies the spirit of growth and joy at the heart of the Program. The Program’s leadership team remained a part of the discussion throughout the creative process, and together we achieved a result that has been well received by the community. 

A Living Online Space

Finally, these added resources are not static additions, but modular assets that can be altered or removed without any design work. This makes the current site scalable to the program’s needs, allowing staff to grow what resources are available, or trim clutter as needed. 

The ability to present evergreen organizational info alongside live updates and fresh resources elevates the website above the level of a static web page. It now serves as an extension of the Joy of Music Program, as much a living space as any physical classroom or concert hall!

Beyond helping to facilitate the Program, the website is a resource in and of itself. Visitors will find information on related topics, such as joining a classical ensemble, or shopping for digital pianos. Such content carries with it the benefit of attracting first-time users. Keyword placement and the opportunity to create quality backlinks can increase web traffic, thus increasing the potential for new customers.

Overall, the new brand brought JOMP into the forefront of their industry, and the new website created a beautiful new online space for prospective and current students to learn more about the program, options, and enrollment.


Joy of Music Program

Brand and Purpose in Pitch-Perfect Harmony

The Joy of Music Program has provided access to soul-nurturing music through education and performance since 1986. We partnered with JOMP to bring their digital brand in line with their long-standing history of musical excellence.