Based Proudly in Boston, Massachusetts

We love small businesses.

May Street Studio creates solutions that achieve business objectives by combining effective creative with strategic distribution.

May Street Studio, by the numbers.
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Our Mission

We have a single mission: Help small businesses grow.

As May Street, we've worked with a large number of unique companies, from massive corporations to small, mom-and-pop shops. May Street Studio combines the lessons we've learned through all our work with a creative team that is devoted to effective content to create a suite of services designed specifically for small businesses.

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Our Story

The story behind May Street Studio.

As a division of a Boston-based creative agency, we've seen it all.


May Street Founded

After 6 years of freelance and agency experience, our founder opened May Street.


May Street Social

Recognizing small business' need for effective social media content, we launched May Street Social.


Service Consolidation

With more web and design work coming through May Street's doors, we formed May Street Studio.

2022 +


We've been thrilled to provide effective content for businesses of all types, and plan to continue :)

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do.

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We use industry insights and data to drive our creatives.

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A Business Partner

We believe in being a business partner before anything else.

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Results Matter

Our work is designed to create results, not just look pretty.

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Business Moves Quickly

We match the pace of your business with our timelines.

Our Team

Our amazing team.

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