Social Media Pricing

A plan for every business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is full-service social media?

Full-service means you can forget about social media. Once we understand your goals, parameters, etc., we go to work creating social media channels that work towards them.

Can I cancel anytime?

While our annual engagements offer cost savings, our monthly engagements offer lots of flexibility. Any of our engagements can be cancelled at any time, but you may be responsible for the remainder of the term.

What is May Street?

May Street is a Boston-based marketing agency, devoted to creating really effective content that reaches goals. We use a combination of data and pretty photos/videos/websites/etc. to do so :)

What if my goals are always changing?

We’re always ready to adjust our social strategies to meet your goals. We’ll meet with you regularly and ensure our approach is in line with your objectives.

How soon can we begin?

Once we begin working together, it'll take less than a week to develop a strategic content plan to meet you goals. Once that's all set, our engagement begins, and we begin posting.

What is a "Unique Post?"

A Unique Post is a single piece of content, whether a video, still image, carousel of images, etc., often combined with a caption. If we're posting this post on multiple channels, it doesn't count against your Unique Post quota, since we're just duplicating it to other channels. But if we tweak the content, the post becomes a new Unique Post.