Social Media for Businesses: What Makes an Effective Post?

Social Media for Businesses: What Makes an Effective Post?

High-quality social media digital content is one investment that can increase brand recognition and drive sales.

Social media strategy is at the heart of modern-day marketing. With billions of users on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, producing high-quality digital content is one investment that can increase brand recognition and drive sales.

But creating effective content is sometimes easier said than done—simply snapping a good photo of your latest product isn't enough to grow your audience or strengthen your brand's network. However, there are some key elements that will ensure your content achieves the desired results.

Read on to learn what makes an effective social media post—and what elements you should avoid.

Elements of an Effective Social Media Post

Regardless of your platform, there are a few elements that all effective social media content will contain. Whether you're creating a post, story, or reel, here are a few characteristics to keep in mind.  

Effective Copy

Copy isn't just for blog posts and articles. The text you include in your posts is just as important as the photo or video element, so crafting the right message is crucial.

When writing social media copy, be sure to remain concise and to the point. The average person spends almost two-and-a-half hours on social media each day, but this doesn't guarantee their attention will remain on your post. Most users are passive viewers, meaning they spend much of their time scrolling and skimming—not closely examining every caption.

Writing for your audience is an essential part of effective social media copy. Be sure to craft every post in a way that will keep them engaged, whether it's by solving a problem, asking a question, or revealing new information.

High-Quality Photography

Good visuals are an important part of any effective social media post. While copy can prompt your audience to take the desired next steps, visual content is what will really capture their attention. For this reason, high-quality photography is essential for any successful post.

The human brain responds extremely quickly to color and images, even more so than words or sounds. Additionally, adding an image to information makes viewers more likely to remember it later on. For these reasons, your posts are likely to have a bigger impact when coupled with an effective photo or video.

Moreover, consistently high-quality photography across platforms helps you cultivate and maintain your brand's identity. Posting striking and cohesive content makes it easier for your business to stand out from competitors online.

Complete Backend Work

Every minute, hundreds of thousands of social media posts are uploaded online. As a business, your job is to prevent your content from getting lost in the fold—and the best way to do this is to fully complete your backend work.

Backend work refers to elements of your social media posts that don't necessarily include the actual content. This includes hashtags, the timing of your posts, as well as the frequency—all things that alter how your content is affected by the platform's algorithm. Tagging other users and frequently engaging with your followers also influences how far your posts will reach.

Decoding social media algorithms can be tricky, which is one reason why finding a marketing partner can be such a good business investment. The right marketing partner can help you develop a posting schedule and effective backend strategies.

Social Media Posts: What to Avoid

As much as it's important to include positive elements in every post, it's also imperative that you avoid some common social media mistakes. Here are a few things that can lower the effectiveness of your digital content.

Unengaging Content

As a business, your main goal in social media marketing is to turn followers into customers. The best way to make this conversion is by promoting users to engage with your content. Engaging and interesting content is more likely to garner clicks, shares, comments, and likes, all of which increase the likelihood that your followers will take it one step further and make a purchase.

Quantity Over Quality

Simply uploading dozens of posts per day does not guarantee you'll increase sales or reach a bigger audience. In fact, prioritizing quantity over quality can weaken your social media strategy as your posts are unlikely to be effective enough to convert your followers into customers. Plus, posting too often increases the chance that users will pay less attention to your posts, or unfollow you entirely.

Effective Social Media Content, Month After Month

The easiest way to ensure your posts are consistently effective is to find a suitable social media management partner. And no matter what kind of business you run, the team at May Street Social is right for the job. With a nationwide network of professional photographers and expert content creators, May Street Studio can help you develop content that promotes engagement and boosts your sales.

Social Media for Businesses: What Makes an Effective Post?