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Laying Down the (Content)

Immigration law is a deeply personal area. We helped our client present a face people could trust.

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Laying Down the (Content)


Our client, a law office specializing in immigration, need to put a face to their practice.

In this case study, we look at the importance of presenting an open face, and how we were able to help our client to do just that. 


Despite decades of experience and hundreds of successful cases, our client still had room to improve in terms of their online visibility. As a law office specializing in immigration, our client’s business was often deeply personal in nature. In immigration law, entire lives are literally on the line. Our client had a message for their own prospective clients: You don’t have to do it alone!


We worked with the client to put a face to their business. With the right visuals, we were able to project a sense of trust and transparency. We generated a package of professional headshots with varied looks and contexts. These images could be put to immediate use, or used as a future resource.

We continued with further photo shoots around our client’s office. Seeing professionals at work provides a sense of context and transparency about their work. For prospective clients, this can be the emotional selling point when comparing professional services.


Law can be an intimidating subject in any sector. For those involved in immigration matters, it is a deeply personal area indeed. 

When lives hang in the balance, people need more than a summary of services. We helped our client present a face people could trust.

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