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Quick Feet and Nimble Content

Our client had a strong sense of purpose. What they needed was some solid product photography to go with it.

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Quick Feet and Nimble Content


Our client, an ethically-focused athletics wear brand, already had a very specific business model and marketing strategy in place. However, they were short on imagery that focused on the product itself.

This study profiles some of the work we did to showcase the clothing line itself.

Campaign Planning

Our client proudly embraces a business model built on social and environmental responsibility. This is at the heart of their brand message, in addition to a marketing strategy that features local college athletes. All of this is effective for developing a following, however it doesn’t always put the product front and center.

Existing Instagram Grid

A glance at the client’s Instagram leaves some ambiguity as to their specific offering. Not all posts directly serve the brand. Even knowing that they sell athletic wear, the product line itself doesn’t star 100% of the time.


We worked with the client to bulk up the visibility of their product line within their media presence. Our visuals feature their athletic wear front and center, in precisely the context it was made for.

May Street Studio Photography

We delivered a substantial image package for the client to draw upon. Here’s an Instagram post using one of our images. Now there can be little doubt as to what this brand offers.


A powerful mission statement and a slick branding strategy are great to have — but not if they overshadow your product. By helping the client refocus some of their positive energy, we put their brand back in the spotlight.

Simply put, our client had a strong sense of purpose. All they needed was some solid product photography to go with it.

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