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Recurring Social Media Content

Our client needed visuals that would make mouths water across any media channel.

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Recurring Social Media Content


Our client, an upscale contemporary bistro, needed to update their online visuals and expand their outreach, without completely rethinking their online footprint.

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In this study we take a look at how we were able to expand our client’s media presence through one simple service package.


The eyes eat first. What media has in common with cuisine is that a good product can sell itself on appearance alone. To increase revenue for our client, we focused on two things. One — mouth watering images of our client’s menu. And two — an efficient package of media formats that would empower the client across multiple channels.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video’s worth a million. That’s especially true when your video has the potential to reach millions of users online. We delivered video in multiple aspect ratios so that it could be used freely across a variety of channels. What this amounts to isan investment beyond capturing media for our client’s website. A full video suite enables clients to leverage our work well beyond our partnership, through posts, reels, stories, and any other online marketing channel they may choose. Bon appétit!


Our commitment to providing top-notch visual media extends beyond a one-off delivery. We strive to equip our clients with resources that will continue to work for them. With video pre-packaged for an array of formats, we leave our clients with a powerful marketing tool in their hands.

Our client needed visuals that would make mouths water in any context. We delivered media that would promote appetites and business regardless of platform.

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