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An Ace of a Website

Our client needed a new website. We delivered one that was — like our client — sleek, sporty, and functional.

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An Ace of a Website


Our client, a local tennis club dedicated to first-class instruction and service, found that their existing website was no longer meeting their high standards. In this case study, we identify some of the key problems our client experienced, and the steps we took toward resolving them.


The client had good cause for concern. When we looked at the older website, we found that it was not user-friendly. From a visual standpoint, it was disorganized and cluttered.New and returning users had to sift through lengthy strands of text in order to find pertinent information. There was also no clear design philosophy, with important dates, long-form copy, and menu graphics heaped together (see below).

Complicating matters was the fact that the technology supporting the web design was dated and not easily editable. Simply updating the existing site was too cumbersome a task to be practical.


In planning our strategy, we took into account the website’s outmoded design and the client’s desire for a fresh look. The clear solution was to replace the old website with a new one, built on a more modern platform.Our design approach was to make the website as sleek and user-friendly as possible.

This included a more contemporary landing page that guided newusers through what the site (and business) had to offer. Meanwhile, returning users could readily access a discrete members’ area.

A simple click in the header takes members where they need to go without overwhelming new users.

Our new sitemap took a user-centric approach to navigation.Programs and other business offerings became easy to locate. Contact flow improved so that messages reached the correct staff members.

We build our websites in Webflow, a private software as a service provider for website building and hosting. As an SaaS provider, Webflow continuously optimizes its platform to be more reliable and secure, and is generally much more user-friendly than open-source alternatives. This means that our clients receive a highly secure and polished website that is easy to update and edit as the need arises.

Benefits of Webflow

  • Reliability (Webflow handles hosting and support)
  • No plugins required (design tools are built-in)
  • Client-side editing (making changes is as simple as editing a Word document)

May Street Studio handles the entire suite of media and web design under one roof. Our skills in photography, video, and web development make us nimble and able to deliver quickly. The process is lean, beginning with our client’s vision, moving on to a clear set of goals, and proceeding to an organized set of tasks and deliverables.


Few assets are capable of generating such immediate value as imagery. Photos and video tell a story, where customers can picture themselves in the starring role. Wherever possible, we like to show rather than tell, which is why we emphasize the importance of high-quality media.

In one brief session, we were able to gather the original images in use on the current site.

Simply put, our client’s customer base is active and fun-loving. So it was essential that we represent what the business had to offer in that way.


The clean look of the new website proved far more accessible to new visitors. An added benefit was that returning users found a more streamlined experience when returning to book services or check membership information.

Just after the site’s launch, another local club closed. The result was an impromptu stress test of our site’s functionality. It was a success, and business funneled in for our client.

While our clients understand the value of investing ineffective web design, this is not their business. Because we were able to take this off their plate, they were free to expand their customer service base and enjoy new growth.

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